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As healthcare professionals and institutions, we’re all focused on the needs of our patients – and delivering on the promise of quality outcomes. No matter how your current programs are performing, there are always opportunities to improve, and Ten Broeck can be the answer to elevating the quality and value of your services.

At Ten Broeck, we’re committed to helping our hospital partners to transform their existing programs and unlock their potential. We have a proven track record of improving or repairing challenged psychiatric and behavioral units, giving hospitals a more reliable, competitive and profitable resource to better serve their communities.

Improving Psychiatric and Behavioral Programs

For nearly thirty years, Ten Broeck has been laser focused on solving critical problems in the psychiatric and behavioral healthcare units of leading hospitals. As healthcare organizations face decreasing patient census, staffing challenges, and regulatory and compliance issues, Ten Broeck has been a trusted source for guidance and support – providing the people and processes that improve the quality and performance of a hospital’s programs.

If your psychiatric or behavioral program is experiencing any of these psychiatric or behavioral challenges, we’re ready to discuss real solutions that can transform your program.

Focused on Results

Every hospital and community is different. That’s why each of our engagements is customized to your unique needs, and addresses the key performance indicators (KPIs) for your organization. Together, we map out the right plan that remediates problems areas, mitigates compliance issues and enhances your hospital’s brand and credibility.

Leveraging our suite of consulting services, our experts collaborate with key stakeholders in your organization to define what success looks like. From there, we develop comprehensive recommendations for improving internal performance, enhancing referrals, driving patient census – and delivering a healthier bottom line.

Get Started with a Risk-Free Assessment Today

If you know that your current psychiatric or behavioral program needs healing, then Ten Broeck is your partner for success. Our three decades of experience in managing complex, multidisciplinary programs for hospitals across the U.S. gives us the unique insight and capabilities to help you achieve your goals.

To begin your risk-free assessment, contact us today and schedule a discovery discussion with a member of our leadership team. We’re here to help.

Start Your Own Story Today

If you are ready to elevate your community-based behavioral care with a new program – or take your existing program to the next level – then Ten Broeck is your partner.

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